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Double Doors

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Double doors are an amazing statement door choice that fit perfectly in the front, back or interior of the home. Our composite double doors can be manufactured with or without glazing giving you the choice over the filtering of natural light and door colours. 


Double Doors | Agate Grey

Double Doors | Black

Double Doors | Silver Grey

Double Doors | Slate Grey

Why Choose Composite?


Why Choose Composite?



Composite doors are often much more affordable than homeowners would think, our customers are often very surprised with the affordability of their new doors, especially when measured against the quality and performance of the door itself. We are able to pass large amounts of savings directly to our customers because we manufacture our own composite doors sourcing materials from some of Europe’s leading suppliers. 

Thermal Efficiency

All our door slabs sourced from industry leaders ODL are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam providing a density of 44.5 – 45.5 kg/m3. This insulation helps our doors achieve a U value as low as 0.8W/m2k, meaning your door is sure to insulate your home from even the most adverse weather. The capability of our doors to insulate warmth will help ensure your home remains easy to heat and energy effective, helping the environment and your energy bills.


Composite doors are undeniably one of the best looking door options for any modern home owner. With a massive variety of designs and shapes to choose from we are sure to have a door range to complement your home’s aesthetic. Customers love using us to manufacture and install their new doors because of the control and input we give them when it comes to designing their new door. From additional glazing features to thousands of colours The Composite Door Store has the machinery on hand to ensure that your design needs are at the forefront of the manufacturing process.

Durability & Security

Any door purchased from the Composite Door Store is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Our highly durable doors are tailor made to resist weathering and large impacts saving your money on any potential repairs and also making the entrance to your home much safer than before. All our doors use Yale Locking systems that use the latest locking technology designed and rigorously tested with one purpose, keeping your home safe and secure. 

A Colour For Every Home




Steel Blue

Slate Grey

Silver Grey




Prussian Blue



Irish Oak

Golden Oak

Duck Egg

Chili Red

Cream White

Chartwell Green


Cement Grey




Bastille Blue


Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey Foiled

Agate Grey

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